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Physiotherapy First Service

CWP Physiotherapy Services

Following a successful pilot of a new direct access physiotherapy service, appointments are now being offered here at Tarporley Health Centre with both this practice and Dr Campbell’s practice as well as at Bunbury Medical Practice.  Patients can now contact us for an appointment regarding a musculoskeletal problem and will be offered an assessment with a highly specialised musculoskeletal physiotherapist instead of your GP.  The reception staff may ask a few simple questions about your condition, to establish who the most appropriate member of staff to see you. This may be the Physiotherapist or a GP depending on the condition.  You can choose an appointment at any of the 3 locations.

Appointments will be available:

Monday – all day at Bunbury Medical Practice
Thursday morning here at Drs Adey & Dancy
Thursday afternoon at Dr Campbell’s Practice

Conditions the physiotherapist can see include neck and low back pain, sciatica and trapped nerves, knee, ankle sprains, foot pain, arthritis, tennis/golfers elbow, wrist or hand pain, shoulder pain (eg frozen shoulder or rotator cuff conditions).  This list is not exhaustive but includes some of the more common problems they see.

When you see the physiotherapist, they will ask you a few questions about your condition and general heath and will examine the area to help establish a diagnosis.  Following an assessment you could be given advice regarding your condition or if appropriate be referred on to another service, e.g. physiotherapy or the Adult Musculoskeletal Assessment and Management Service if they feel a more specialist opinion is needed or to access investigations.  If any prescriptions, blood tests, X-rays or sick notes are required, the physiotherapist will liaise with your GP to arrange this.  Please note these appointments are not for on-going physiotherapy but are for assessment and advice only.  Formal courses of physiotherapy will require a referral and the practice based physiotherapist will refer you for this if after assessment they feel it necessary.  Your GP can still refer you for physiotherapy as normal.

Highly specialised physiotherapists have a lot of experience in assessing and diagnosing problems with joints, muscles and bones and the aim of these appointments is to save GP appointments for medical conditions  This will improve access for patients with musculoskeletal conditions.  They will work as another member of the GP practice team.