Other Information

Your Confidential Information

How we handle and deal with confidential information.  Please click here for details.

How We Use Your Information

Why information is collected about you and the ways in which this information may be used.  Please click here for details.

Sharing Your Health Information

Information regarding the National Summary Care Record and the Cheshire Health Record. Please click here for details.

Research Data Collection

Information for patients on Research Data Collection.  Please click here for details.

Practice Charter

Information on our Practice Charter.  Please click here for details.

Freedom Of Information Act

This practice complies with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.  Please read the Freedom of Information leaflet for further details.

A day In The Life Of…

A series of short articles to give you an insight into life at the practice.

A day in the life of a GP

A day in the life of an Advanced Nurse Practitioner

A day in the life of a Practice Nurse

A day in the life of a Medical Secretary

A day in the life of a Receptionist